about us

Our Primary Philosophy is to create balance, harmony and warmth, while maintain the integrity and interior design planning of your home and commercial space.  Creative thinking and uniqueness are traits found in all of our projects. Creativity extends beyond the visual elements of design to include project approach, green design, we capture the client's imagination through innovative use of material, color, texture and lighting, together with the final touches of detail, that enables clients to experience a design with all of their senses. We offer pre-owned office furniture in San Diego. Great design defines the problem before a solution is obtained...

What sets us apart from other Interior Design firms is an extensive understanding of Government Contract furniture management as a highly technical profession requiring more skills and knowledge that only senior, career professionals can provide.

We staff our organization with the most qualified personnel in the marketplace, all with years of experience and training.



Choosing the perfect palate for your home/office décor can be intimidating. We’ll make the process easy and fun!



We are  feng shui experts, we know how to design a room that maximizes and compliments your living space as well as your total office design.